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Common Law Grand Jury Forum What Is it?

 Common Law Grand Jury Forum Jan 9, 2015, Updated Feb. 17, 2017.

These are the Censored Youtube Videos on Common Law Grand Jury Online, removed by Youtube for a fabricated Policy Violation. 

Hosted by Dr. Mario Jimenez –

Candidate for State Senate,

Miami, FL

Session One Common Law Grand Jury Forum

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Session One Common Law Grand Jury Forum

Jan 9, 2015

Speaker R. Dowdel

  1. Why doesn’ t the govt work?
  2. What is not working?
  3. Who can change the problem?
  4. What can or cannot change?
  5. Where can we change the problem?
  6. Is the problem fixable?
  7. What is broke? 85% of the inmates are estimated there unconstitutionally.
  8. Are our elections constitutional?  What is broke?
  9. Queen dictated all government entities are to be corporations.
  10. Each state is an independent nation, incorporated.
  11. Art 1 Section 8 shared services army, navy, postal service incorporated to Federal.



Session Two Common Law Grand Jury Forum

Jan 9, 2015


  1. Secret Identity of corporate entities holding the government
  2. Collusion of corporate identies.
  3. Reasons it is unfixable as it is: two different law systems common law & admiralty.
  4. Admiralty jurisdiction in our courts.
  5. Dixie county demonstration of admiralty and not common law.
  6. Unaccountability of Officers of the court – experiment.
  7. Test of Common Law Grand Jury Jurisdiction compliance in Florida – Seven Counties.


Session Three Common Law Grand Jury Forum

Jan 9, 2015


  1. How the secret corporations run the courts.
  2. Who runs courts?
  3. How to discover evidence of corruption
  4. How to determine if you are in an admiralty court.
  5. How did judges get unaccountable?
  6. Common law operations here and now.
  7. Access to the Common Law Grand Jury.
  8. Dixie County, Florida case demonstrating corruption, lack of accountability and govt refusal to honor the Common Law Grand Jury
  9. Terry Trussel whistleblower prosecuted for exposing state bribery corruption.
  10. How is the govt outside the rule of law?
  11. Breach of contract?
  12. The Original Thirteenth Amendment: no nobility allowed in U.S government offices.

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